Indians across the globe are proud of Indian women’s cricket team


Bleed Blue, we say Hold your head High. You Made Indians Proud.


For a long time, cricket has been territorially male, where men’s Indian cricket team has assumed an  larger than life status which  is the complete opposite to the coverage and status given to the Indian women’s cricket team. The light of coverage women’s cricket has received in the past on television in comparison to its male counterpart, has been low.

Nevertheless yesterday, proved to mark a new beginning in the culture of cricket, where the country and even Indians globally united to watch the ICC Women’s World Cup finals, a match between India and England. The pride and the spirit of Team India was omnipresent and undeniably evident  a rare combination in the women’s game. The credit could be perhaps the push the ICC declared that it would give to the women’s game. For the first time, it promised to broadcast every match held by the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017, live across 139 countries. In addition, it promised a glorious prize money for the winner: $2 million, which was “the first step towards greater parity and recognition,” ICC had announced.

All of a sudden the women’s cricket World Cup, now accessible to all those with television screens, became a game changer in terms of how India looked at women in sports. Overnight, the women’s cricket team gained substantial prominence. Those who had never heard of Mithali Raj or Harmanpreet Kaur, were now loyalists rising from various corners of the country, waving the Indian flag and chanting their allegiance to team that had rarely been given the spotlight.

  • Firmly Favourites after having beaten England in the opener, Team India narrowly lost in what was a thrilling and nail biting game.


Nevertheless The Prime minister, Celebrities and the Men’s team took to social media to congratulate the proud worth Women’s team for there feet.




Piers Morgan decided to be his normal self and just couldn’t let go of the opportunity to troll Virender Sehwag.

Sehwag gave a awesome reply, (hope he coaches Team India one day)

to which The current captain, tag teamed up and added

Am sure you all are equally just as proud of The Women, who sure are the pride of the country at the moment. Let this be a great opportunity to build on for the women’s division and am sure we will Win the next World Cup.



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